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Ceramic pigment with Tin glaze---Mark Campden

The traditional majolica technique has been used by Mark Campden over 20 years. The form and surface are vivid and fascinating. Mark makes tin glaze as a paper to paint natural patterns with majolica decoration. The range of colour which he has been made by mixing natural oxides, bringing observation of natural world and wealth of imagery to audience.

Pigment 1 ( green blue)

Copper carb 75

Cobolt carb 25

Pigment 2 ( Blue Grey)

Copper carb 40

Manganese Dioxide 60

Pigment 3 (Variated blue green)

Copper carb 55

Cobolt carb 20

Illmanite 25

Pigment 4 (yellow)

Antimonate of Lead 50

Lead Bisil 40

Iron ox 10

Tin Glaze CS2 (1080-1100)

Lead Bisilicate 70

Flint 10

Borax Fritt p2965 8

China Clay 12

Tin Ox 9%

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